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Why do good girls like bad guys lyrics?

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Why do good girls like bad guys? Girls do love bad guys but that’s not true for in all cases. Let’s dif deep into Why do Girls Like Bad Guys.

Lyrics of Why do good girls like bad guys lyrics?

Hey yo boo,
Why do good
girls like bad guys know that bad guys tell mad lies, And why do doggniggaz
wanna hunny with class sometimes you want more than just a hunny with

Hey yo, who would ever think that the two would go good, midtown
hunny, nigga from the hood
But knock on wood i got the bitch(what)scuse me
she don’t like to be called a bitch try not to lose me, the rules we go by
where im from she dont know, when i say im goin round the way she wont go(hell
no) Come on baby your aight with me tryin a get you to spend a whole night with
(But im a good girl) thats why i like her, couldn’t treat her like a
hoodrat didnt bite her,
Turn a churchgirl to a straight ruff-rider, Take her
to the Ramada make it an all nighter (oh no, i only go to the Swiss hotel)
fuckin wit me? i have you in the back of the Chafel like what?(what?) hittin a
raw dog in the but, you was good the smornin but tonight you a


Hey yo boo im diggin you cuz you make me wanna
do all those things i was taught i wasn’t supposed to. im secure kepp it tight
while you on tour(your fuckin with a dog) thats why i’m feelin you more,
Attraction to me wit your tactics hit it like Ahhh make me back flip(you be
tryin to act rich thats why i taxed ya,and i just got married)
Yo but i
didnt even ask you(im just tellin you cuz now these bitches be flippin)one more
bitch im skippin(damn girl, stop trippin) cuz you be actin like(listen i aint
always talkin money, but i will keep you with a smile & walkin funny, so what’s
it gonna be)Yo whatchya mean(what to do, ya wanna nigga with the slacks or the
jeans and the boots, ya wanna be safe or be laced, cuz you can be replaced)And
you can be erased(dont get slapped baby face)

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Man i
got shorty stayin out late
Well i keep em’ wit a cut, and his nails stay
Well at least a get a nut, And i got hunny rebellin
And i stopped
him from sellin
I be gettin away wit murda
Shit I aint tellin
out the hood
Yeah nigga you get mushy
I got hunny’s suckin dick
And i
got ya eatin pussy
i could be good in a bad way
i could be bad in a good
you aint the same dog
thats what them rats in the hood say, or would
if you were round them more often
i got hunny’s smokin weed
be having me coughin
you keep the dog on the leash
while we walkin the
and if ya’ll think its sweet
then the dogs off the leash
Now i
want no drama from no babys momma
I miht be a good girl but i keeps the
Well ya off the hook but a least now i know why good girls like bad


Why do good girls, like bad guys
(wha,wha,what)Why do good girls, like bad guys (wha,wha,what)
Why do good
girls, like bad guys (wha,wha,what)
Why do good girls, like bad guys

uh uh come on, Yea, like that,
come on wha wha what,
yea yea yea
baby girl, ruff-riders

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