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Why Girls hide face on social Media – Reality About It

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Girls Girls & girls, Girls are the talk of the town & Of course, they the most loved creatures in this world. Today I’ll tell you Why Girls hide face on social Media?

Girls Hide Face on Social Media because some are uncomfortable sharing their pictures online, some come from conservative families and are afraid of what people will say.

Some are too shy to share them online while Some are too protective about themselves, so they do it avoid any kind of online abuse.

5 Reasons: Why Girls hide face on social Media

1. Being uncomfortable with posting picture on social media due to social stigma.

Why Girls Hide face

Are they not comfortable enough to put their photos online? Even if they are how does this make sense? You don’t post your picture to make other people fall in love with you.

Being uncomfortable with posting your picture on social media means you are afraid of getting no attention which will eventually make you feel desperate.

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2. To Avoid Privacy threats & Online Abuse

On the internet people pictures get stolen and misused, for catfishing, for using them as a fake identity etc for example. I don’t want my face plastered to what I share my views on online, it’s not even relevant unless you’re on a datingsite.

Their are so many cases out there in which girls pictures were misused and were used to destroy their character or social image.

3. Some Girls love to remain anonymous for obvious reasons

Some people want to remain anonymous because they may not want their siblings, friends, parents, etc. read a post where the ask or give sexual advice, or where they ask for advice on family problems.

Some people have positions in which they are respected and they don’t want to compromise that respect by being recognized as the girl who gave advice about anal sex or the girl who said she had 69 sexual partners when she was younger.

It’s okay to hide your sexual past as long as you don’t hide it from you significant other.


4. Girls are more prone to Cyber-bullying & Nudes Leak Issues

Everyone is using social media accounts nowadays and things are changing at very fast pace. Earlier people used to meet in person to fulfill their sexual needs.

Now due to social media this has shifted online and many people are using this as a weapon to cyber-bully most prone (i.e Girls) into it.

Why Girls hide face on social Media
Why Girls hide face on social Media

Girls avoid it because in many cases their private pictures are leaked online and are bullied which can lead to trauma/depression or even suicide by the victim.


Hackers try to make use of information they obtain about people on line and either try to blackmail, impersonate you, etc. for financial gain.

Imagine thinking that not showing your face online leads to desperation, that’s so subjective it’s it’s almost shameful to say. A big part of being online is the fact that you can share your views without others knowing or remembering you.

A girl when asked on Why she hides her face online, replied: I don’t have a low self esteem yet I don’t post my face online, my happiness really doesn’t depend on what some people on Instagram think of me, I simply think it’s unnecessary and unsafe.

5. Risks of Showing Face online

Some people are just more private that others. Maybe they take into account the risks of having their photo online? For example identity theft. Tons of dating apps have fake profiles. I assume most of them use pictures of people such as yourself that you may be posting on social media. Never put your address or phone number in a public social media account, and also never put in your status when you are going on vacation.

You may think that’s perfectly fine but people have been robbed by people on their facebook because someone on their list knew where they lived and when they were out of town.

Honestly, I can’t see any other reason why they avoid using the pictures of their faces.

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