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Funny SMS Abbreviations

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Har kesi se melte waqat ‘SALAM’ zaror karna

Because ‘SALAM’ stands for

S = Sada khush raho
A = Abaad raho
L = La-zawal kamyabiyan pana..
A = Apki har khwahish poori hojayee..
M = Mujhe apni duawon mai yaad raakhna

Eslie ae dost ap pr bhi ‘SALAM’ ho     

What is meaning of ‘HELLO’ ?

HELLO means:

H = How r u friend ?
E = Everything is fine ?
L = Like to meet u
L = Love to see u happy
O = Obviously, I miss u. 

Hello DEAR… DEAR means:

D = Don’t forget me
E = Enter into my heart
A = Always smile
R = Remember me     

Hello DARLING..!!

DARLING means:

D = Don’t go away from me
A = Always be in my heart
R = Remember me in pray.
L = Life without you is incomplete
I = I always miss u
N = Never forget me
G = Give me your heart     

Why boys enjoy like COLLEGE?
Bcoz the word ‘COLLEGE’ means:

C = Come
O = On
L = Lets
L = Love
E = Every
G = Girl
E = Equally……. 

Why Pathans changed the name NWFP to Khyber Pukhtunkhwa ?

Bcoz NWFP meant:

N = No
W = Woman
F = For
P = Pathan 


Please do not mind…..
Bcoz BITCH means:

B = Beautiful
I = Intelligent
T = Talented
C = Cute and
H = Hilarious Girl

I am sure, You are smiling now…… 

You are really a ‘DOG’

Oh don’t be sad…

DOG simply means:

D = Don
O = Of
G = Girls

You r now laughing, O Dog! 

Do u know what is meaning of SMS?

It means:

S = Sardaron ki
M = Mazak urany ki
S = Service


This is my LAST sms to u…

Don’t worry…

LAST is short form of:

L = Love for u
A = Always succeed in life
S = Sending u joys
T = There will no end to our friendship. 

I HATE You !

Don’t worry….

HATE just means:

H = Hold me in your hands
A = Always be mine
T = There is no end to our love
E = Enter into my heart

So I hate you once again. 

Never think that It is IMPOSSIBLE.

Every thing is Possible.

Even the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ is a shortened form of:

I m Possible

Struggle and never get discouraged.     

HUGS relaxes you in sadness

Becoz HUG stands for:

H = Happiness
U = Ultimate Love
G = Great Respect
S = Sympathy     

Do u know what is meant by this word



G = God
O = Offer u
O = Outstanding
D = Devotion to
M = Make u
O = Optimistic and
R = Ready for
N = New day to
I = Initiate
N = New
G = Goals

Dear “GOOD MORNING” to u     

Have u ever thought what is meaning of


Its meaning is:

P = Perfect Talent
A = Ambitious Nation
K = Knowledge Centre
I = Islamic Centre
S = Super Place
A = Ability standard
N = Nation of Unity.

So always love Pakistan.     

Shohar: Do u know meaning of ‘WIFE’?
Bevi: No, what is its meaning??

Shohar: WIFE means: Without Information Fighting Everytime

Bevi: Oh no… WIFE just means: ‘With Idiot For Ever’


Khabi MOHABBAT na karo…

Because MOHABBAT means:

M = Mout
O = Oljhan
H = Haarna
A = Anso
B = Barbadi
B = Bewafayi
A = Andhera
T = Tanhai

So never give it a try 

Always love your FATHER
Because FATHER means:

F = Forever support
A = Always for guidance
T = The only one who cares about you
H = He always sacrifices for happiness of family
E = Encouragement for achievements
R = Really deserves respect.

Always respect your FATHER     

FRIDAY bohut muqqad din hota hai
Because FRIDAY means:

F = Farz Allah ka Ada karo
R = Rab ko razi karo
I = Ibadat dil say karo
D = Durood shareef kasrat se parho
A = Allah Taalah say mango
Y = Yad rakho sab ko dua may     

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