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Funny SMS Abbreviations

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Never Love anyone because Love means

L = Loss of Money
O = Out of mind
V = Valley of Tension
E = End of LifeSo never love anyone, Just Line Marooo 

Real meaning of ‘STUDY’ is

S = Sleeping
T = Talking
U = Unlimited SMS
D = Dreaming

Dear fiend! SORRY Ooh do not confuse!

SORRY means

S = Some
O = One
R = Really
R = Remember
Y = You in pray.     

What is meaning word ‘GIRL’?

G = GOSSIP mai sab sai agay
I = INNOCENT saraf shakal sai
R = RONAY ki Machine…
L = LARAYI mai sab ke Maa

What is meaning of word ‘BOYS’

B = BADMASHION mai sab se agay
O = OLLU ke tarah rat mai jagny waly
Y = YARIYAN nebhanay wala
S = SHAREEF saraf baaf ke samnay 

Why do students never like MATHS..???

Because MATHS means:

M = Mental
A = Attack
T = To
H = Healthy
S = Students 

Meaning of some famous Degrees..

BBA = Beautiful, Bold & Attractive

MBBS = More Beautiful But Stupid

LLB = Life Long Boredom

BCOm = Basic Confidence of Muhabbat

PhD = Perfect Healthy Dream-girl 

Khabi koi larki apko ‘BHAI’ kahy tu mind na karo
Because BHAI simply means:

B = Beautiful
H = Husband
A = Among
I = Ideals

Always consider positive aspect of a thing 

Apnay ‘FRIENDS’ ka hamesha khayal rakhain
Because meaning of ‘FRIEND’ is:

F = Full of love
R = Roots of Joy
I = Island of respect.
E = End of Sadness
N = Name of inspiration
D = Door of Support

So never leave your friends….     

You… STUPID..!

ooh don’t be confused…

STUPID Simply means:

S = Sari Zindagi
T = Tum sai
U = Umar bhar ki Dosti
P = Pana Chahta Hon
I = Islie…
D = Duawaon may yaad Raakhna 

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