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Do girls like shy guys? 8 Reasons why they love them

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Do girls like shy guys? If I say Yes they do, will you believe me and Believe it or not, a lot of girls are really into shy guys!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked yourself, “do girls like shy guys? because, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always the most confident guy who walks into a room. Well… the short answer: Yes! And no… Some girls do, some girls don’t. Let me explain…

As you are probably aware, everyone on planet earth has their own unique likes and dislikes. This would go for straight girls interest in shy guys as well. Some like them and some don’t. Most girls don’t dis like shy guys, they just won’t make a move toward a guy in the first place.

The problem is for us shy guys (sometimes called introverts) knowing how to get a girlfriend seems a little harder than it is for guys who tend to attract girls left and right.

So while you might have been hoping for a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to the question, “Do girls like shy guys?” I’ve explained this in simple 15 Real reasons why they actually love them. Yes! the shy ones.

1. Shy Guys Are Great Listeners

‘Okay let me confess I am a great online speaker but In real world I am shy and I listen to people when I am around other people because maybe of that introvert nature idk but I like to keep my mouth shut than to contradict with any” Everyone knows shy guys don’t usually talk much.

This could be thanks to any number of reasons or combinations of reasons from social anxiety to a more general desire to understand others and I think that last one is what really sets apart shy guys from most other guys. They often would rather learn about others instead of sharing their own stories. So as long as you listen closely, ask follow-up questions, and show interest, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to keep a girl talking to you because girls love to talk (when they talk) and it’s really hard to keep listening them when they go off the topic. So. you see Shy guys are winning here.

A girl when asked about Do girls like shy guys?  I’m only a part of the population of girls that do take a liking in shy guys. I use to not know why but I realized it’s mostly due to the fact that they don’t say much and give you a lot of their attention. They tend to not be rude or should I say, criticize you as much. There’s a lot to know about them and the best part is that you have to step out of your comfort zone and dive into the conversation prompting them to tell you more about themselves.

2. Once They Open Up, They’re Great At Conversations

Silence is attractive. Girls love mystery, and there is truly nothing as enthralling as a closed book of a man. It will awaken in her a desire to want to be the one to crack you open and find out all the juicy secrets and details that make you who you are. depends on the degree of it.

A bit of shyness is cute. Although this one doesn’t seem to really fit in with other two traits – most of the introverts I know are not that shy – they are simply not that driven to have active social life. Shy extraverted people may look like introverts while being quite different on the inside. In some sad cases they may end up as “attention whores” if they crave social contact but fail to get it in normal way.

 I mostly find myself attracted to introverted guys (might be because I’m a bit extraverted myself) although being introverted is far from being a free pass to my heart. The rest of personality and mutual physical attraction are important too.

It seems that personalities of introverted persons run deeper and if they decide to give you their time and attention it feels much more valuable than time given away by extraverts. And most of the introverts I know seem to be more independent than extraverts and they know how to enjoy spending time alone instead of being bored senseless. So at any moment of time if you find yourself diving in with the shy guy , that’s it

3. Sweetheart personalities

There is also the tendency to relate quietness and shyness with kind hearts and sweet personalities, which are qualities a lot of women want in a man. You will come across as the sweet and sensitive guy that has been missing in her life. Honestly, there’s no better way to appear in the eyes of a woman than as a trustworthy, loving and affectionate partner.

Shy guys are really cute and they know how to respect a girl or woman. They are really compatible to any girl and their charm can win a girl’s heart .They understand the value of a relationship.

4. They’re Deep Thinkers

By my experience yes shy guys are deep thinkers. I was generally a “shy quiet boy” when I was in school. I was the not the slimmest guy in class at 14, Got different interests for the first time. An 22 yr old now. Still get the odd interests of writing this post here on Being different from the crowd could be attractive to some.

I think shy men prefer to work with those who show interest or reciprocate interest clearly in an instant. A female who is naturally passionate about you is better. With age and experience this thing develops and you know what here the myntra of ‘Be yourself’ works: Be yourself If a girl is going to fall in love with you as a shy guy, it will not be because of your introverted tendencies; it will be because of your personality and what makes you unique.

So be yourself. Do not try too hard to be exciting or mysterious. She will see right through it, and you will lose her faster than you can say “shy.”

5. They’re Full Of Surprises

Because shy guys are so reserved, much of their personal life never reaches the surface. When it does however, anyone in earshot immediately becomes interested. Throwing everything about yourself at a girl right off the bat is a HUGE red flag. So keep doing what you’re doing and feed her information about yourself a little bit at a time.

6. Shy Guys Have Unusual Hobbies

“I didn’t know you did that!?” is something you’ll hear often as a shy guy who has hobbies and that’s the thing…… You HAVE to have hobbies and interests if you want to be interesting. So learn photography or take up a martial arts class. Just do something in your free time that will make people (especially girls) say, “Oh, that’s interesting. Tell me more.”

8. Shy Guys Are More Genuine

Because shy guys are better listeners, deep thinkers, and are generally easier to be around, they’re naturally more genuine. They won’t lie to a girl because they think it’s what she wants to hear. They’ll tell her the truth because they want their thoughts and intentions to be completely clear. So as a shy guy, always be sure to say what’s on your mind and be honest. Because girls love honesty.

What women actually want in a man

YES-YES!!! ——but they won’t know about you if you hide at home, or you won’t talk to them at get-togethers. Girls love sincere, sweet boys. They (eventually) get sick of outgoing playboys/gigolos, tired of being lied to, and the constant manipulations to get sex/money.

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As you are probably aware, everyone on planet earth has their own unique likes and dislikes. Your good things can be attract someone while your bad things may attract some other.

A girl will not fall in love easily but when she does she will love you from the core. It will be just you for her. No matter how much you hurt her, she will always forgive you. So, initially it may take a lot of efforts to make her fall for you, but when it is done, she will love you like a mother loves her child.

I have interacted with many girls. I have known them closely. I know their desires and fantasies closely. Let me tell you what I found-

A girl has some really simple needs. She just wants someone who can make her feel important. She wants someone who will not leave her no matter what. She wants someone who will tolerate her tantrums and mood swings.

She wants a guy who will touch her soul. She wants a guy who will touch her body gently. She wants a guy who will shower her with unexpected kisses. She wants someone to hold her from behind. She wants someone who is proud to have her. She wants someone who will see her more than just a body to satisfy lust. Yes, she does want sex. She does think about it, but with only one guy who is very special to her. She wants him to look in her eyes, pull her closer, kiss her passionately. Gently move to her ear and whisper -“ I Love you”. hahhahahhaah well some girls may only think about being hard in bed. I mean Idk

In general, women wait for guys to approach them, because it is custom for much of the world, and also it does not work out so well for women when they approach men. They are then not sure that a guy is fully interested in them.

If a guy goes out of his way to ask a girl out, then a girl knows that he has an interest in her. Our society is set up to be more deferential to males, so it is in women’s best interest to find a guy who will be more deferential to her. And a guy who will take trouble to ask a girl out is more likely to be that way. Also you don’t need a lot of girls to like you.

You need only one girl and so it does not matter what all “girls” think but here…

Well take my advice what you’ve just read is just bullshit… kind of what you will easily find on other websites too. So, just wanna wrap it up by saying “Nothing is more attractive than being real with anybody and “Nothing is more cute than a shy guy trying to tell you that he loves you”. So don’t worry about her, be you and rock the garden.

Hhahahaha I am just laughing you’ve come this far reading this bullshit.

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