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A fool and a girl Manga – Read Here & Reviews

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cartoon dp for girls

A fool and a Girl Manga is one of the famous series worth reading & A fool and a Girl Manga is a 30 Chapters long, anime and worth reading story.

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Rank: 1184th, it has 5562 monthly / 86420 total views.

Authors: Kim hwibin, rong daim

Genres: Korean , Josei 

Smut , Fantasy , Romance

Read direction: Left to Right

Release status: Completed

Year of Release: 2018

MPCRS(?): G – Prohibited for persons under 18

A fool and a girl Manga
A fool and a girl Manga


Diha was ashamed and embarrassed to engage in a relationship with Rujin who lived under the same roof as her. But eventually, they coveted each other and allowed their instincts to lead. They never knew the feelings of love, but together, they'll search for it.

Reviews by Readers

XHAA said: Mmm okay no else pointed this out so: ML is portrayed as an innocent (dumb) creature, so innocent that apparently he isn’t able to understand the importance of consent. He constantly pushes, insists and manipulates FL until she “agrees” to have sex with him. He doesn’t respect her boundaries and always asks/demands for more than what she initially offers. Of course, this being a romance comic means they fall in love and everything becomes consensual bla bla bla, but don’t read this if you want consensual smut. You’ll be quite disappointed

Aardhakame rated this 5 star: Really-really sweet and lovely story. A fool and a girl Manga
Love story from a childhood friends. Both of them looks so cute and innocense.

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