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10 Short girl problems that’re too cute

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Being short in a world built for taller folks can be seriously inconvenient. Even reaching for a bag of chips in the grocery store can become a serious exercise in stretching. Alas, these are the things your average-size counterparts will never quite understand.

Short Girl problems are genuine problems but they’re too cute tbh, what do you think about them. Comment below;

1. First off, everyone reminds you that you’re short.

“You’re so tiny!” people say, for literally no reason at all, as though you can’t just look in the mirror and identify your own height.

2. People call you “cute.” A lot.

And the truly awful crowd calls you “fun-size.” Just because you’re 5-feet-2-inches doesn’t mean you’re 8 years old again, glossy-eyed over the mere sight of candy. (Though you would gladly accept a Reese’s Pieces if offered.)

3. The terms “petite” and “thin” are used interchangeably, despite meaning totally different things.

Tall women can be called thin, curvy, you name it. Short women are just called petite. No one wants to be called petite.

4. Maxi dresses are more like camping tents.

Like, they might as well be sold at REI.

5. You practically have to levitate to reach high shelves.

Even on your tiptoes, you can’t … quite … get there without some assistance. (Or, if you’re at home, straight up climbing on the counter.)

6. And when you ask for help, people act like your request is adorable.

Just pluck the oatmeal off the top shelf and let’s go back to being strangers, buddy.

7. Concerts are basically a waste of money.

You pay the $50 to see your favorite performer, then spend the entirety of the set jumping up and down, hoping to catch a glimpse, or bobbing and weaving around the enormous dudes who always end up in front of you.

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8. Pants are more like endless tunnels.

Unless you hem them, paying money with which you could buy a second set of pants, they will try to trip you up constantly and make you look like a petite fool.

9. You have to walk twice as fast as your tall friends.

Whenever they walk “briskly,” you have to break into a full sprint. You could probably run a marathon with all the hours you’ve put in.

10. When you hug your friends, your chest always hits their boobs.

And yes, it’s just as awkward as it sounds.

11. People genuinely think it’s okay to pick you up without asking.

Friends and family may think it’s funny to haul you over their shoulders, but it’s actually really aggressive and uncomfortable.

12. Exercise equipment is never made for your size.

Who designed exercise balls? Giants?

13. Your feet don’t quite touch the floor when you’re sitting.

And we’re not just talking barstools. Even regular ole chairs leave your feet dangling.

14. Or, often, the bottom of the pool.

15. People feel entitled to pat your head.

No, the top of your head is not the same as a puppy’s, begging to be petted and scratched behind the ears. The only appropriate reaction for you to have, in emoji form, is this: 😡

16. When you’re driving, the steering wheel is basically in your lap.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach the pedals. Thanks, auto industry!

17. Walking through a crowd with an umbrella is basically a blood sport.

You start wishing you were Mary Poppins, so you could just levitate and avoid poking everyone’s eyes out.

18. Everyone thinks you’re way younger than you are.

Hey, it’s nice to get carded at bars when you’re in your thirties, but the fact that people perpetually assume you’re in college can get old. (On the bright side, at least no one will fault you for ordering one of those bright, sugary cocktails.)

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