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10 Real Life Problems Big breasted girls face

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Here’re 10 Real Life Problems Big breasted girls face

  1. Pain. Carrying around two large breasts on your upperbody can cause some real problems.
  2. Bra shopping. I’m lucky. I’m young and my breasts are still round and firm, but gravity has more to work with, now and as I age. Most cute bras don’t even come in larger sizes, and if they do, they are not constructed well enough to handle them.
  3. Exercise. It takes one heck of a good bra to engage in any kind of physical activity without great discomfort. Riding, jogging, or kickboxing all require a sports bra with a very wide back, wide and padded shoulder straps, full coverage, and a tight fit around the mounds themselves. And they still bounce up and down painfully!
  4. Sexy clothes. I see other women wearing t-shirts that show a tiny bit of cleavage, a tank top, or a dress with a low cut. They look classy and a little bit sexy, but those same clothes make me look almost vulgar. Large breasts are just more noticeable to begin with, so if you wear anything tight fitting or low cut, your breasts look like they are desperately trying to make eye contact with everyone you see – and many people are happy to oblige them.
  5. Cancer and mammograms. Larger breasts already mean an increased risk of cancer, and mammograms are harder to do on us (they hurt more too!). That means more radiation, and more risk of cancer. I had my first one earlier this year (as the not-so-happy owner of a particularly pesky gene), and it felt worse than I had feared.
  6. Harassment. All women experience harassment, but big breasts make you a prime target for cat calling. It’s not just verbal; there are gestures too. Earlier this year a grown-ass man saw me walk by and began to make these weird motions like he was both milking and sucking at the same time. I’m honestly not even sure exactly what he meant to say by that, but fuck him all the same.

A Indian Girl when asked about “Real Life Problems Big breasted girls face” replied with

I dont like to have big boobs. It will be irritating due to following reasons :

  • Sleeping will be tough
  • While jogging it will bounce
  • Unwanted press in crowded bus
  • Choosing dress will be difficult
  • More sweating in boob area
  • Cleavage will be visible to others
  • Dupatta is must while going out

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The biggest problem that (some) women with large breasts face is that they overlook about the fact that the source of their back and neck pain is not their breast’s weight.

The supposition about such a relation is very common, even around many health professionals, since orthopedists will only meet large breasted women with back and neck pain – but large breasted women without back and neck pain will not meet an orthopedist for no reason.

There was no any study being able to prove such a relation, if anything, they ascertained that the actual source of the back and neck pain of women with large breasts is the same you will find in men and small breasted women with back and neck pain:

  • physical inactivity / doing no sports
  • Working on the desk all day long
  • Lifting and carrying (really) heavy weights at work, mostly in the wrong way
  • Working mostly overhead or bent over

There is a very long list of workings known to cause back and neck pain, no matter if you have small or large breasts.

Also medical issues can be the cause, the doctor will overlook it when mistakenly attributing the breast weight being the source of the pain.

And, many women try to “hide” their large breasts by standing/walking with a forward inclination of the head, body, and shoulders. This wrong body posture is not the result of too heavy breasts but it’s just the attempt to hide them. Such a body posture will definitely induce back and neck pain – you don’t need large breasts for it.

I examined hundreds of probands, patients and clients with very large and really huge breasts, even up to giant sizes most people would not imagine when thinking about large breasts. Even such women with real massive breasts can be very happy with their size – but only if they want.

Many women have breast reduction just because they want smaller breasts, so, if it is about size only, those women will be happy with the results.

But other women have breast reduction because of the seemingly “too heavy” weight of their breasts, they often even love their breasts size, so, some weeks after the surgery they will realize that 5 lbs are just 5 lbs. Most people have no idea how many women regret the decision to have breast reduction.

So, if someone want to stopp trusting blindly in prejudices about it, the simplest question is: How can some young women already crack under the pressure of just 5 lbs total breast weight, while other women have no pain or other complaints when carrying several dozen pounds per breast up until old age?

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